Tom Davies

Product In a nutshell, what do you do? I’m part of a team that creates and sells online learning materials. The idea is to make attaining qualifications accessible and affordable, so that people who might not otherwise have the time to attend uni or TAFE (or the resources), can acquire new skills and – hopefully […]

Winfreda Donald

Place Winfreda, could you tell us a little about some of the key locations you’ve used in your Long Shadows series? The novels of the Long Shadows Series unfold the intermingled lives of two migrant families who arrived in Australia in the mid twentieth century. How the cultures and times – of Scotland for the […]

Sara Delaval

    Place Sara, your novel ‘Cicadas in Summer’ is set in Brisbane. Is there a particular reason for choosing this location? Brisbane is where I live and I know the places I’m writing about. I’ve always been told “Write about what you know about” – so Brisbane was an obvious choice.   Besides, I love […]

Debbie Terranova

  Past Your novel ‘Baby Farm’ is partly set in the 1970’s. How did you go about researching this period of Australia’s history? To be honest I relied a lot on memories of my own teenage experiences, backed up with an occasional internet search to confirm dates or names. I grew up in Wilston, then […]

Kathryn Ledson

  In 2005 Kathryn Ledson took a deep breath and left her 25-ish year career in the corporate arena – which included a few breaks from boring stuff to work on Hayman Island and tour with famous people – returning to study with relief and a great sense of homecoming. What emerged from that professional […]

Noelle Clark

  Pen-name What is your advice to new authors regarding pen-names? Are you a fan of them – and if so, what would you say is the main advantage of using one? I use a pen name, and made that decision very early in my writing career. At that time I had no idea that […]

Sarah Kated

Photography Having completed a degree in Film Production and a post graduate diploma in Creative Industries, what made you turn your attention to photography in particular? Well I’ve got a couple of reasons, A big part was fear based, photography is something than can be done independently, whereas film production is very much a group […]