Maggie Christensen

      Protagonist What would you say makes a fascinating main character? I think it’s important for a main character to be believable and likeable and to be someone the reader can relate to, care about and would like to have as a friend. My characters tend to be what fellow writer Christine Webber […]

Tess Woods

  Tess Woods is a physiotherapist who lives in Perth, Australia with one husband, two children, one dog and one cat who rules over all of them. Her debut novel, Love at First Flight, first released as an eBook in April 2015, received worldwide critical acclaim, hit the best-seller charts in Australia and was voted Book […]

Savannah Grace

1.  Place I know you to be a phenomenal traveller! Do your experiences find their way into your books, too?   Oh, absolutely!!! My books are travel memoirs that tell every little dirty secret and detail about my travels starting when I was just a teenager. I have a LOT of catching up to do. […]

Hazel Barker

Published Congratulations Hazel, on the recent publication of your memoir. Tell us a little about it! My idyllic childhood is torn apart by the bombing of Rangoon, just prior to Christmas 1941. Mum convinces me I’m off on a marvellous holiday as we flee the city – leaving my precious dolls behind. The Japanese armies […]

Dr. Bill Kellner-Read

Philosophy What can you tell us about your approach to health and the links between general wellbeing and dental health? It is interesting to think that for so long we have separated the mouth from the rest of the body without fully realizing its impact on the rest of the system. Told to keep our […]

Lou Johnson

  People In particular The Author People! Who are you and what do you do? The Author People’s purpose is to bring Authors and People together around the globe and fuses the traditionally separate functions of publishing, author representation and retail. The idea was borne out of seeing up close how digital disruption was changing […]

Mary-Lou Stephens

  Performing Can you tell us a little about your time in the music industry and how you turned the disappointment of that ending into a highly successful career in radio? As soon as I finished school I left my home town and headed to the big smoke, Sydney. I lived in Kings Cross and […]